Savings using eRides

How much did I save since I have my electric scooer?

Well I have it a bit over 8 months with now over 1400km on clock and its hard to say how much I did save but Ill just share some of savings I have now.

So my commute to work and back would be €5 a day or €25 a week with bus. Since I work in retail and I can’t get weekends off I’m usually off weekdays. Before I sold my car those two weekdays I would usually need to pay for parking for my car that is €3 an hour or €36 a day. So just on this my electric scooter saves me €25 – €72 every week but that isn’t all. On insurance I saved €800 since I got scooter. I really can’t say how much I saved on petrol but I can easy say that my electric scooter saved me over €2600 in six months just on insurance and parking. Comparing to public transport it saved me over €800 in eight months.

How much I saved on maintenance or petrol its really hard to say so I wont even bother adding it here now. Only expenses I’ve had were two flats that costed me €40 in total. I’d say it was totally great investment.

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  • May 22, 2019 at 5:32 am

    Hello All

    Here in London, the Police just look at us and say nothing. Which is a good thing. I always wear a helmet and ride responsibly. I do sympathise with my fellow riders in Dublin and I hope the law changes soon. Its much more cheaper to get around on an electric scooter than a car, and I am loving it.


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