Xiaomi m365 Irish recall in problems

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Chinese tech company Xiaomi recalled 10 000 of therir popular m365 eScooter model few months ago. It is estimated that about 200 eScooters are sold to Irish market. Recall process was supposed to go nice and smooth. You would receive email with instructions to order courier to collect your unit and deliver it to repair centre and after repair to bring it back but its not working that well.

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Company that supposed to do repairs is SBE Ireland, mobile phone repair company, that just when recall program started seems to shut their doors. On Monday Google was showing SBE Ireland as permanently closed but today that info is gone. SBE Ireland is also removed from SBE global webpage. Some members that order courier even took day off their work but eScooters were never collected. Some other users contacted Three Ireland but their customer service doesn’t know anything about SBE Ireland closing down. Even contacting SBE Ireland wasn’t successful. By checking Google reviews, Glassdoor, Indeed, and SBE Ireland Facebook page you can see loads of unsatisfied experiences with SBE Ireland. Why did Three or Xiaomi choose company with such a bad reputation we really don’t understand.

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At the moment nobody knows what will happen with Irish recall but m365 owners affected wit recall are curious and afraid what will happen and will and when their eScooters be repaired. eScoot ownes one Xiaomi m365 that is in recall program so we will keep you informed. Our m365 is now out of use for a while as instructed and if it stays that way for too long it might affect battery. Before recall program started eScoot contacted Xiaomi and offered to help with recall free of charge but Xiaomi never got back to us. We hope all this wont affect Xiaomis reputation on Irish market but we are afraid that it sure will. Best thing Xiaomi can do now especially if useres wont be able to use their eScooters too long to just give everyone new m365 PRO. Its not fair that you buy product and the cant use it for longer time and in that case manufacturer should offer fair compensation.

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