M365 tuning

Xiaomi M365 scooter isn’t new product. They are well known around the world and there are already quite a lots of people who re doing tunning of it to get better performance and in this article we will share with you few of them.

One of the first and easiest tunings are 10 inch tyres.¬† They aren’t too much expensive but they give you smoother¬† and less bumpy ride. Max speed also increases a bit but there are few modifications that you need to do when you,re mounting bigger tyres. First modification is lifting rear mudguard because there is just not enough space under rear mudguard for tyre this size but there are adapters so that you can do that quite easy.

Other upgrade that you need to do is extending your kick stand because with bigger tyres your scooter is a bit higher so without it scooter will be falling down.

Second tunning is of course firmware upgrade that unlocks max speed limit so scooter can ride up to 30 kph but that drains battery quite quickly so there is one more upgrade recommended.

Last tunning that we know it works is adding extra battery to get better high speed and longer range. Since this upgrade is done last we are still testing range and will update that info a bit later but we can sure confirm that max speed is now 33 kph.

This is all for now but every new tunning we do wi will add to this article. 

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