Benefits of eRides

Today we are bringing you article about benefits of personal electric vehicles and why is it good to have electric scooter or any other type of personal electric transportation.

Main reason for using electric scooters should be environment.  Scooters are eco-friendly but that isn’t only reason to buy them. Another reason is
maintenance. All modren scooters have lithium ion batteries and brushless motors so their maintenance is much cheaper than for petrol vehicles but there are more benefits. With electric scooter there is no traffic jam so you’ll probably never be late for work again. Next benefit is parking. I live in town and my street doeasn’t have parking permits and that vas main reason why I sold my car and got electric scooter. One hour of parking in my street is €3 per hour so I was paying €36 every day to city council or over €200 a week. Now I don’t have that problems anymore.

Before I bought electric scooter I had electric bike but at work I needed to lock it on street. Well one day it got stolen. Now my electric scooter I can keep in my apartment so that can’t happen again.

Even if I compare eScooter to public transport my scooter wins again. My last work was 3km from my apartment. It would take me 25 mins to walk to work (I know, I walk quite fast). With electric scooter it would usually take me between 8 and 10 minutes to get to work. My current job is 7km from my apartment. Bus is €2.25 or €4.50 a day. Its too far to walk that distance. Depending on bus it takes me 40 to 70 minutes to get to work by bus but with electric scooter it takes me only 20 to 25 minutes.

Only maybe faster transport could be taxi but I’m not even gonna try to calculate how much would taxi to work and back cost every day. Last transport that is sure faster is train or dart but its really silly to compare electric scooter with those.

Next benefit to me is safety. My scooter reaches 25km/h maximum speed. With helmet and full gear I know in case of accident I cane get heavy injuries like i can get on motorbike or in car so I feel much safer.

Last benefit that I would add is license requirements, road tax and insurance. City Council is recently trying to put electric scooters under ban and I kind of understand why. Since I drive electric scooter I’m not getting clamped, I’m not paying parking, I’m not paying expensive maintenance, I’m not spending on petrol or leap card. But in such expensive town I need to save somewhere to feed my landlord who just cant wait to increase my rent.

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