Xiaomi M365 upgrades

There are quite a lot possible upgrades and some of them that we recommend will describe today.

So one fo the first upgrades is rear mudguard. Since roads are bumpy yor rear mudguard will hit rear tyre every now and then and in quite quick time it might damage wire and your tail light might stop working. In that case repair might be pain in the ass so this investment and fix that can be done in couple of minutes is highly recommended.

Next upgrade is folding system. Just at joint of folding system put a bit of ticker tape (we used adhesive magnet tame) and that will stop annoying sound that scooter makes wile you’re driving it.

Our last upgrade we did so far were solid tyres. Ride after becomes a bit less uncomfortable but you sure wont get any flats. Anyway we would recommend driving carefully because of bumps all screws might become loose quite quickly. other than that we don’t see any other problem upgrading to solid tyres.

This is for now. Any new upgrades we make we will add it to this post.

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