DIY – dont do it if you don’t know how!

Recently we came across eScooter that doesn’t want to fully charge. It was sold with claim it’s charger problem because of non original charger and only thing new buyer needs to do is get a new genuine charger. Luckily we were contacted and checked eScooter. Actual fault can be seen on picture below.

Pierced 18650 battery by DIY gone wrong

What we see is outcome of DIY mudguard fix. Previous owner was actually quite lucky. Seems battery wasn’t charged so battery didn’t go on fire once screw pierced it and also screw wasn’t that long to get any deeper in battery cell. Anyways this battery doesn’t fully charge anymore and its dangerous to have it in eScooter and also it’s dangerous to have that eScooter in your house. Some 18650 batteries have build in guse and safety valve to prevent them from shorting or exploding but not all.

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So for mudguard replacement that would cost €10 in our repair center this person risked setting on fire his eScooter and house and he anyways made €100 damage piercing battery. So how much was saved here? This isn’t first case. Header image is showing same fix but with different outcome. Half of battery burned. Luckily except battery and eScooter burned everything else was fine. Repair was done outside and owner managed to escape without any injuries to him or his property. It could end up blaming bad quality eScooters or claiming eScooter are dangerous where actually someone did bad DIY.

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DIY is great way to save money and have some fun but if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be really dangerous. Lithium ion batteries are flammable and its not easy to turn them off once they go on fire. If you’re unsure what you’re doing better visit specialists than putting yourself and others in danger and risking making even bigger damage. If you’re buying second hand eScooter ask for inspection check before buying. eScoot repair center will be happy to test eScooter for you for any faults and it will be much cheaper than rebuilding your home. If at any stage your eScooter starts acting strange or performing different look out for professional assistance before something goes wrong. Stay safe.

Piercing 18650 battery cell
Overcharging 18650 battery cell

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