When “EU warehouse” SCAM knocks you down

You probably noticed “EU Warehouse” on almost all online shopping platforms with of course fast shipping and no import tax. Quite attractive offer right? Well its scam and we are about to explain you all about it.

So if you check label on you delivered product from Eu warehouse it will be Netherlans, Poland etc. actual EU warehouse doesn’t exist at all and you’ll relise that if your product is faulty and you need to return it back. Return address provided by seller will be China.

How SCAM works?

Sellers hires logistics company in China to arrange bulk delivery to EU market and ships container full of products to them. They arrange loading of goods to Ship for Rotterdam or Train for Poland. When product arrives to destination by boat or train products are already sold online and destination stickers are already printed for DPD, UPS, DHl etc. As soon as customs clearance is done goods just get handed to couriers in the port and they continue their journey to buyer. They might be a day or two in Logistics warehouse in Rotterdam port but there is no sellers warehouse and that’s the reason why you cant return your product if its faulty back to “EU warehouse” and must ship it to China.

One of recent purchases of eScooter came from Estron Distri Centre B. V. Wolgawen NL, Europoort Rotterdam. When we checked online senders details we got estron group logistics company and since they arent seller you cant return product to them but they are in Europe and do have Warehouse. So is this a SCAM or not you make your own decision, but to us it sure is misleading consumer, false advertisement and SCAM.

Listings like this can be found on all popular online buying platforms like AliExpress, Banggood, Geekbuying, Tomtop, Gearbest. All those websites have description as safe and easy online shopping with fun. When it comes to this there is no fun anymore. Seller will offer refund as soon as he receives product but return address will be China and shipping cost will be at least 3 digits before decimal point.

As long as product arrives without any faults everything is fine but if there is any problems and faults then get ready for headache and loads of emails exchanged with seller and bank or PayPal. How are you (un)protected by PayPal we are bringing you in our next article.

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