Seems like garda started chasing eRides again

Over year ago TD Noel Rock pointed out raising eScooters and eRides in Dublin and Ireland and asked TD Shane Ross for their legalization. TD Shane Ross replied that there aren’t too many of them on the road and there isn’t rush to do anything about it. In first months of this year same thing happened again. Then TD Shane Ross asked RSA to investigate how are eRides regulated in other countries. Investigation that can be done in just couple hours searching on-line took RSA over 3 months. TD Shane Ross was supposed to get that report over month ago but there is no information did he got it or not. Anyways seems he has no interest doing anything about it and sure isn’t in a rush. recent election results clearily showed in which direction citizens of Ireland want government to lead this country but seems some people in government don’t care too much.

Since recently one of our member was again stopped by garda and another members had some not so nice interactions with garda. eScoot with support of eRide community deiced to get out on streets. TD Shane Ross said he doesn’t want to make quick decision and is waiting for RSA report but he got it month ago so we can all agree he had plenty of time to make decision and to do something but seems there isn’t enough interest or motivation. TD Shane Ross and everybody knows Ireland cant ignore eScooters and need to legalize them like majority of other European countries.

eRide community has over 3000 members only in Dublin. This morning I saw garda car and needed to stop and take another route because I was scared I might get in trouble and some other member got same experience. We all work, pay our taxes and don’t deserve this. 3000 of us just wanna go to work and back without any problems. 3000 eRiders pay over €200 000 tax every week of their wages and dont deserve this harrasement. If you get stopped its not just €125 to ger your eRide back. It can also be points on your driving licence and those points mean you dont have clean driving licence anymore and it can affect your job. Why? Because someone isn’t in a rush something he needs to do anyway sooner or later and youre working every day to sign that persons paycheck.

In discussion last night decision about getting out on streets was made. Couple of months ago seizures started everything went all over social networks and into media and it stopped for a while but it seems its becoming problem again and we won’t be playing games again. Seems it’s better to keep things active in every way till TD Shane Ross does what he is paid for from our tax money. Community was paitent and waited too long. People called out for protest for last couple months but we were trying to avoid it. Seems only way to do this i same as water charges were stopped. People before profit.

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