Xiaomi m365 buyers guide

If you’re looking into reliable budget eScooter then you’re probably looking at Xiaomi m365 model. Before buying it would be good to know a bit more about eScooter especially if you’re buying second hand one. Here we will give you a bit of info how to find out is your Xiaomi m365 or m187 (youth edition), Chinese or Global version, can it be customized and does it has battery with reinforced welds or not? Article will be updated with new info as soon as new info is available.

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Is eScooter Chinese, European or Youth edition (M187)?

This can be answered by simply checking first 5 digits of serial number in m365 tools app under Basic tab.

13678 = M365, White color China version, battery >March 2017.
13679 = M365, Black color, China version.
16057 = M187, Youth edition model, battery >March 2017.
16133 = M365, Colour black European version.
16132 = M365, Colour white European version, battery >March 2017

Does battery has reinforced welds?

Battery welds are mostly important. Second releases of m365 and most of latest ones will have reinforces welds but if youre getting quite older second hand m365 it wouldn’t be bad to check it out. This can be answered by checking battery serial number in m365 tools app under Battery tab.

“3JBG”, first version.
“3JCG”, second version, with reinforced welds on the batteries (V June 2017).
“3JEE”, third version, with reinforced soldering on the batteries (V August 2017).

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One or two z-fuses?

If M365 has 2 z-fuses its firmware can be customized. To find out this simply check last 8 digits of serial number. In m365 tools app you can also see production date and number of fuses.

If the number is less than 35000, you are in V1 with 1 fuse.
If the number is greater than 35000, you are in V2 with 2 fuses.
If the number is exactly 35000, it is necessary to check visually on the electronic card.

Do miles matter?

Well of course miles matter but much more important is did owner take good care of eScooter. Charge and discharge cycles are more important than miles on clock. Most modern 18650 batteries have a typical cycle life of 300 – 500 charge, discharge cycles. That means m365 can go between 5 000km and 15 000 km on its first battery if charging, discharging cycles were close to full. So for sure in m365 tools app check number of battery charges and number of full charges under battery tab. That will give you info on state of battery.

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One good example is one of our testing eScooters. eScooter has 1600km on clock but 233 charges. So even that battery seems to be good so far and there isn’t many miles on clock that battery is on a half way of its life cycle. Since its battery on our testing table it doesn’t matter much but if its in eScooter you’re just about to buy then it does matter.

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