Mi Electric Scooter 3

Xiaomi release their third generation of most popular electric scooters out there. Its using same design but with a bit different colours. When it comes to specs its like 1S with PRO 2 motor and upgraded brakes and folding mechanism. everything else looks almost the same.

rear brake is upgraded and now both brake pads are moving so that should improve breaking and reduce maintenance. We can see that Xiaomi is keeping an eye on what customers want and are improving. Second generation got Mudguard support and display two of the most common upgrades on their first m365 model, and now we see Mi version of X-tech brakes that is most common upgrade recently. Also there is new locking system that will hopefully work better. Quite surprising that we don’t see locking mechanism like on Ninebot max G30 or tubeless tyres but maybe that will come in next upgrade.

We know this is super short article but there is nothing much to say here and we dont want to waste your time since there is not many upgrades but we will rather try to get our hands on one of them as soon as possible and give you in depth review. It would be super interesting to check out battery and other components.

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