M365 Centering The Rotor


  •  Centering the rotor is key in optimal brake performance and proper function, as well as maximizing longevity life of brake calipers.

Parts Needed

  • None

Tools Needed

  •  3mm Allen

 Centering rotor

  • Before adjusting the brake you want to make sure the brake caliper is centered to the rotor so the pressure is evenly applied from the caliper.
  • This also will help prevent rotors from bending in the future.
  • By loosening the 4mm Allen bolts holding the caliper to the bracket (does not need to be removed) you will notice play in the caliper.
  • This play is available through the enlarged mounting holes on the caliper.
  • When you are sure the caliper is as centered as possible, take turns slowly tightening down both bolts half a turn at a time so the calipers position is not disrupted.

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