M365 Front Wheel & Fender Removal


  • Properly removing and installing the front wheel like appropriate torque on fasteners, and proper assembly of washers, etc. are critical in optimal safety as well as the performance of the vehicle.  

Parts Needed

  • None

Tools Needed

  • 2.5mm Allen
  • 3mm Allen
  • 18mm Wrench

Repair Process

  • Peel off reflective stickers on decorative covers to access screws.
  • Remove 2.5mm Allen screws holding decorative covers. 
  • Remove 18mm nut.
  • Be cautious not to damage the cable when removing the wheel.
  • Confirm the washer on each side of the wheel has tabs facing downward. Make sure they are always in the correct position.
  • Confirm the bolts holding front wheel are torqued properly.
  • 4 bolts holding front fender is only accessible when the front wheel is removed.
  • Inspect reflectors upon reassembly, decide whether or not they need to be replaced.

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