M365 Brake Adjustment


  • Periodic adjustment of the brakes makes sure that the brakes do not drag when riding as this can rob power from the vehicle and cause the brakes to wear out much more quickly, and if not maintained properly can become a safety concern for riders.

Parts Needed

  • None

Tools Needed

  • 5mm Allen
  • 4mm Allen
  • 2mm Allen

Adjusting the Right Side (facing forward)

  •  The right side adjustment should always be done first.
  • Back out the 2mm Allen until you can see threads showing. (does not need to be removed)
  • Turn in the 5mm adjustment while moving the wheel slightly back and forth so you can feel for a contact point.
  • Once you feel resistance in the wheel, this means the pad is touching the rotor.
  • Now you will know to back out the 5mm adjustment just enough so that there is no contact with the rotor.
  • Once you’ve done so, slowly tighten the minor 2mm adjustment while still looking for pad-to-rotor contact. (only tighten until snug, do not overtighten.)
  • If you have tightened the 2mm adjustment and there is friction again, you must repeat the steps until there is no pad-to-rotor contact.
  • Also, be sure to do so without backing the 5mm adjustment too far back, as the brake will not work properly.
  • Spin the wheel to verify the rotor is spinning with no contact to pads. (visually and audibly).
  • If there is no resistance and the wheel spins freely, move on to the left side adjustment.

 Adjusting the Left Side (facing forward)

  •  Loosen the 4mm initial adjustment that is holding the brake cable.
  • Using the caliper arm, move the pad in until it makes contact with the rotor.
  • Move the wheel slightly back and forth at the same time so you can feel and look/listen for contact.
  • Once you feel contact with the rotor, this means the pad is touching the rotor.
  • Pull the lever back out just enough so that there is no contact with the rotor.
  • Once you’ve done so, tighten the 4mm bolt while holding the position by hand to secure the cable in your desired position.
  • Check your work using the brake lever to ensure proper stopping power and lever action.
  • If a minor adjustment is still needed, all adjustment should be done to the two 8mm locking nuts.
  • Loosen the two nuts, then proceed to adjust accordingly while spinning the wheel slightly.
  • Once you feel you’ve achieved proper adjustment and the wheel spins freely, tighten the inner 8mm nut to secure its position.
  • The final step is to test brake function and make sure all fasteners are properly tightened.
  • If a major adjustment is still needed, start the process over from the top. 

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