eRides could help people get back to work safely

Now when this Coronavirus brought world to lockdown and world economies to the ground eRides are here to help and save the day. Lockdowns are getting lifted across the Europe and world but public places and public transport are still highest risk and people don’t feel comfortable using public transport.

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Latest polls did show that people aren’t comfortable using public transport and want to avoid it as much as possible but most of people don’t live with walking distance to their work so there needs to be a solution. And actually there is solution right at our front door just waiting to become road legal.

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Are cars better solution? Well cars are sure better solution at the moment than public transport but they’ll bring traffic congestions on roads and parkings so best solutions at the moment are eRides especially eScooters, bicycles and motorbikes since they take less space on roads and parking lots. Some contries are recognising this and urgently bringing in legalizations.

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Will Ireland follow? Well Ireland can sure do it too. Even that Mr Shane Ross claimed that it takes long to bring out new legalisations and laws Coronavirus proved different and showed to all of us how quickly laws can be put in place when needed. Last financial and banking crisis showed that too.

Less cars on roads brings more space for eRides, cyclists and pedestrians to encourage so much needed social distancing. Cities needs to start living but still make as much as possible effort to practice social distancing and eRides can play big role in this situation. We hope Irish government will recognize this and legalize eRides urgently and of course eRide community experts are here to help with advice’s because we, users, know the best.

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