M365 Brake Lever Replacement


  • Damages to the brake lever can vary but one thing is certain, once damaged the brake lever should be replaced. Ranging from improper operation to physical damages to the lever all situations indicate safety concerns and should be properly replaced.

Parts Needed

  • Brake Lever 
  • Pivot Bolt 
  • Pivot Bolt Locking Nut
  • (2) White collars
  • Spring

Tools Needed

  • 8mm wrench

 Repair Process

  • Make sure to disconnect the brake cable before replacing the lever.
  • Remove the 8mm nut located below the lever.
  • Ensure both plastic collars and the spring from the old lever are switched over to the new lever. When installing the new lever, make sure to tighten the 8mm bolt.
  • The new brake lever should snap back when engaged. This means the spring is in the correct position. 

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