Garda chasing eScooters around Dublin because seems they become major problem

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Seems Garda decided that biggest problem in Dublin are eScooters and they are chasing eRiders every day. Every morning people on they way to work are being stopped and their eScooters are being seized. And community is being pissed off. They feel they are targeted and don’t think it’s fair.

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We were talking to some of them and they are frustrated. “I’m paying huge rent working 3 weeks just to pay my apartment rent and bills. Nobody is doing anything about it so I needed to find way to cut my expenses. Well they found way to take money of me again. If I pay half of my last weeks paycheck to public transport what am I supposed to eat? Its so unfair. Seems it would be better for me to apply for social housing and social welfare and just stay at home” says one of the electric Scooter owners.

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And we must agree that it’s really not fair that they who are using those eScooters to go to work, earn their wages so they can pay rents, bills, taxes are being treated like this and that it is taking so long to put proper law in place. Those that are helping Irish economy growing are being targeted. Its not fair that Gards that are getting paid of that tax are doing this and government that is also getting paid of that tax isn’t doing anything about it.

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Gards next step could be kids battery powered ride on toys. Since they can be powered on electric power alone and some of them can go faster than 6km/h they could be considered MPV and by that they require Road tax, Insurance and valid driving licence.

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