First eScoot court case ended with €300 fine and 5 penalty points

You probably remember video of two guys being stopped in Dublin and their unicycle and eScooter getting seized for no tax and insurance. Well on monday 9/12/19 that court case ended up sentencing one user with €300 fine and 5 penalty points. We twitted this and reactions people cant believe.

Here are some example penalty points:
Driving on a footpath = 1 penalty point
Driving on a cycle track = 1 penalty point
Driving a vehicle against the flow of traffic = 2 penalty points
Failure to drive on the left/hand side of the road = 2 penalty points
Risking a cyclists life by dangerous overtaking = 3 penalty point and €120 fine
We could go on…
And now, riding electric scooter = 5 penalty points and €300 fine

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After this conviction Insurance companies will be so happy when this user come to them and ask for quote and if he really did brake law on purpose this 5 penalty points and €300 fine would be partly fair bur at that time RSA had wrong information in their FAQ section on their website so this case was supposed to be dropped. Another reason why this isn’t fair because 12kg small eScooter cant and shouldn’t be treated like motor vehicle.

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Probably less than 1% people in Ireland knows actuall law and there are proofs that even Garda sometimes isnt sure about law. Most of people dont study law but there are places where we should be able to get info from experts. In this case RSA experts failed to properly inform public and judge was supposed to take this into consideration when he was making his final decision but he failed to do it. Justice wasn’t served here at all and this decision should be reviewed.

Judges must know that they are doing really responsible job and are making life changing decisions to other people.

Lets now go back to our main actor in this case TD Shane Ross. Now its clear that he just doesn’t want eScooters on roads. He doesn’t even like bicycles on roads same as Lord Mayor of Dublin but they both need to know they are public servants and are paid with tax money to serve people and not their own interests. Most politicians forget that quite quickly.

TD Shane Ross did more for self driving electric cars recently than for eRides in last 2 years but if you check polls they have less public support than eScooters. If some politician doesn’t do anything about certain problem in 2 years you can be almost sure he wont do anything about it at all. Its unbelievable that in the middle of climate crisis eRides are pushed off road when we have so much traffic jams on roads every day. So vehicles that are already out there and just need to be legalized and can solve few problems at same time are pushed off roads.

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More eScooters on roads mean less pollution, less traffic jams and more space for emergency vehicles. When you call for ambulance how long do you wait for it to arrive? Do you think less cars will help? Think about it. We see every day in rush hour emergency vehicles stuck at every second traffic lights because there is no space for cars to move. There are just too many cars on roads and something needs to be done about it.

So at the end of this article we want to sent few few messages from community out there.

Garda how many people died of shooting in last 2 years? How many died on eScooters? How many people got attacked, robbed. You know what is real problem out there. Leave us alone. We do no harm to anyone. We just want to get to work and back quicker so we have more time to spend with our loved ones. Shane Ross isnt paying you, our tax money is.

Judges you are here to punish who deserves to be punished and let go anyone who isnt guilty. Please be objective in your decisions. That commuter tax money will build school or park for kids to play tomorrow or fix local road.

TD Shane Ross please serve public and stop serving private interests because that is what you’re paid for to do. People who gave you their confidence don’t deserve this and you’ll need them again. Don’t forget that. If you turn back to community don’t be surprised if community turns back to you.

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