How can eRides benefit Ireland

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Loads of big cities have traffic problems and one of the best solution is to try and find way to reduce traffic. eRides can now help like nothing else before. In every big city traffic can be banned for vehicles without special permit. So quite easy for example in Dublin city center only permitted vehicles could be residents, vehicles who apply and get special permit like delivery, public transport, emergency services, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles, and of course eRides. This would cut city traffic at least to half if even not more.

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So there would be so many alternatives to car in town and since eRides are so small anyone can come to dedicated parking close to town and then use their eRide to continue his journey. If someone isn’t comfortable using eRide there is still, taxi, bus, luas, dart, bicycle and that can be solution to try and avoid spending €4 billion on building metro. That money can be invested into solving housing crisis for example. So instead of investing tax money to transport and wait years to build metro legalisation of eRides would solve traffic problem right away and metro money can be invested in much more needed housing.

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Also busier roads with more than one lane can be converted to one lane for bicycles and eRides and another one for all other transport so that bicycles don’t share lane with big buses. Less traffic means less accidents and injuries and of course public traffic would be more reliable that is its biggest problem.. This way Dublin can be example to other European cities how to use environment friendly personal electric transport to solve traffic jam and bring down emissions. Seems great to us so why not? Ireland act fast and be first this time.

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