Are eScooters dangerous?

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Every now and then we read some article about eScooters. More and more people try to figure out how great they are and also how much safe they are. Well quite often we can read actually how dangerous they are but are they really dangerous?

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Well anything given into wrong hands can be dangerous right? People fall off bike and get injured. So lets say you ride your eScooter, hit pothole and fall? Is it your fault? Is it scooter or its maybe road? Well you should pay attention and watch where you’re riding that is for sure but is other factor really eScooter or maybe road? Should roads be full of potholes? Well to some people its easier to eScooter than road but if we will be real Dublin roads are quite bad and fixing problems by just saying eScooters are unsafe where it obvious that roads are bad is just not right.

Seems some people wanna claim that potholes on streets are safe and that is ridiculous. In lots of articles there are pictures of cheapest scooters on market that have smallest wheels. So there are few models that have safety issues. Tiny wheels, solid tyres and really bad suspension. Main problem on them is that sterring can spin 360 degrees. There is no limitator to block steering from turning 90 degrees and that can be dangerous if you hit pothole and your steering spins so your front wheel locks in place. But if there isn’t pothole we don’t have that problem right? So again main problem is not eScooter.

So guys get a bit better eScooter not cheapest one because cheapest car also isn’t too safe but nobody is using it as example to claim cars also are dangerous right? And please use both hands when riding eScooter.

And for the end of this article there are drunk drivers but that doesn’t mean we need to ban cars, there are also irresponsible cyclists and bikers but that doesn’t mean we need to ban bicycles and motorbikes and it’s same with eRides. More eRides and eScooters means less cars, less pollution, less accidents with fatalities. Cars driving 32km/h were involved in only 5% of accidents with fatally injured pedestrians. What do you think what is number with eScooters and eRides?Sp

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