Seems City Council is forcing Garda to get rid of eScooters and other eRides

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Lately Garda is hunting all types of eRides and personal electric trasports. Just recently City Council started making big deal of it and we believe that recent Garda actions are instructed by City Council. City Council and government were all over media because of doing nothing about housing crisis and not doing anything to sort out problem of homeless so seems they got message and decided to do something about Dublin streets but hitted it wrong way and decided to clear streets of electric scooters and other personal electric transports. so nobody can say they aren’t doing anything.

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We still didn’t manage to get in touch with City Council but from Monday on we will be chasing them like Gards are chasing eRides in Dublin. Community is pissed off and 97% of them are ready and want to make some kind of action. Paying tax problem but issue is because revenue is usually asking for CoC that isn’t available. Insurance companies are literally laughing when we call to ask to be insured. Nobody is making a move except Gards seizing eRides and that is just not fair.

Only thing everybody wants it clear rules and Garda to be aware of them and of course ability to really tax and insure our eRides if needed. This is like someone broke our legs and told us to run a marathon. We are demanded to do something we cant.

Some community members are looking for solutions outside Ireland so since everybody expect Garda and City Council is taking this as a joke they are currently looking for insurance outside Ireland but in other EU countries. Anyway Revenue still isnt cooperating here and neither is City Council. If eScooters were filled in with fake smokes from Moore street Revenue would find solution in 5 minutes. All this wouldnt become big deal if City Council and government first instructed Revenue and Insurance companies to start cooperating here and then got Garda on streets but since its still impossible to tax and insure eScooters and other eRides this actions are totally unfair to tax payers who are signing their paychecks. Its like treating same armed robber and someone who stole chewing gum in shop. Would you treat them same?

Saying that motorbike and eRide are same vehicles is like saying Chicken and Eagle are same animals. They may be a bit similair but far away from being the same right? There is sentence on Dublin City Council website that says: ”
If you feel like you’ve been unfairly treated or are not satisfied…” well eRide community feels exactly that way and it all started by Dublin City Council.

Siezing eScooters from someone just because he cant do all needed to legally ride it is just unfair and our latest video in article about our experience being stopped by Garda shows that for example we did try to inform ourselfs and we also did try to tax and inure our eScooter anyway but we just didnt suceed. Well our eScooter is still here parked in our office and that is good news. At the end of this article we would like to send out few messages.

Government, City Council and Gards please be aware that taxing and insuring eScooters is still impossible and its not that someone just doesn’t want to do it and you can’t compare or treat same non insured or non taxed eRide with car because car can be taxed and insured in only few minutes. Also dont try and play it smart that all those are MPVs because after first kick they can drive on its own or they don’t even need that first kick because if we will play that game then there are really only few MPVs on roads and those are that few cars with autopilot and smart driving computers. Every other vehicle needs human assistance and can’t drive on its own. Hitting accelerator is human assistance right, ballancing is human assistance right and all that assistance needs actual human power. Lets first make law and then point out who is breaking it and punish or fine those ones who are breaking it.

This all article is a bit of joke that is also here to maybe make you think what is really right and what is wrong.

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One thought on “Seems City Council is forcing Garda to get rid of eScooters and other eRides

  • January 29, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    I have a pedal assist bicycle and a xiaomi scooter and the scooter is way better for getting around and using public transport I am in 60’s tired of BS spewed out by insurance companies rising costs traffic jams etc.get a grip election year make your vote count and get rid of that indolent idiot Ross


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