M365 Front Wheel & Motor Replacement

Parts Needed

  • Front Motor Hub Assembly (with Tyre and Inner Tube)

Tools Needed

  • 2.5mm Allen
  • 3mm Allen
  • 18mm Wrench
  • T10 Torx

Repair Process

  1. Place scooter upside down on supporting surface.
  2. Remove bottom battery cover.
  3. Remove the front wheel and place it to the side carefully not to tug the Cable. (Unless cable is cut)
  4. After placing the damaged front wheel to the side, Install the new front wheel and follow the same routing of the harness you are replacing through the frame.
  5. Disconnect the 4 plugs on the lower brain next to the battery as shown in the picture below and replace each plug on the damaged harness with plugs from your new harness.
  6. Pull the wires out of the frame and remove the damaged front wheel assembly.
  7. Once all wiring is connected, before installing the battery cover make sure the motor is working properly by spinning the front wheel in a forward direction by hand and pushing down on the throttle.
  8. Reinstall battery cover when the front wheel operation is confirmed.
  9. Be sure to install grommets if missing.

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