M365 Control Cable Replacement

Parts Needed

  • Control Cable

Tools Needed

  • 3mm Allen
  • T10 Torx

Repair Process

  1. Remove the 4 neck screws. (3mm Allen)
  2. Disconnect the brake cable from the brake lever.
  3. Carefully pull off the handlebar assembly, then disconnect the control cable.
  4. Set the handlebar assembly to the side and place the scooter upside down on a supporting surface.
  5. Remove the bottom battery cover.
  6. Remove the lower neck grommet and the grommet below it on the chassis.
  7. Pull the (grey) control cable out from the lower grommet hole, then push the cable through the tubular section of the chassis in order to drive it out from the bottom of the scooter.
  8. Disconnect the damaged control cable from the lower brain, and replace it with the new control cable.
  9. Installation is opposite of removal.

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