M365 Rear Tire & Tube Replacement


  • Replacing tires and tubes are important points of safety on an M365 model. Damaging tires or tubes upon improper installation could ultimately cause premature wear and possibly serious injury. It is important to follow the steps properly to ensure quality repairs. 

Parts Needed

  • Inner Tube
  • Rear Tire

Tools Needed

  •  Two Tire Levers
  • Valve Core Remover

 Repair Process

  • Be careful not to pinch the inner tube.
  • Properly inspect the tire and tube after removal to determine whether to replace the tire, tube or both.
  • when wheel and tire are removed – inspect side to side bearing play by pushing spacer back and forth (where the mounting bolts are installed). also, spin wheel in hand feel for a gritty tension, forward into bearing play, or hop (bent rim) and wobble.
  • If any of the above is noticed, the wheel should be replaced immediately.
  • Make sure the valve stem on the new inner tube is pointing to the RIGHT, and the direction of rotation on the tire is correct as well before installation. The tread should be pointing forward.  
  • If you are having issues removing the tire, getting the tire in the center groove of the wheel will help loosen the tension.
  • Leaving new tires under the sun before you start to remove the front wheel is a good method to warm up the tire for easier installation.
  • Be sure the tire is inflated to 55 PSI after installing the new tire and double check for any leaking air.

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