M365 Troubleshooting

Sticking throttle

Throttle Alignment

Steering is wobbly

Bent fork

Flat, lumpy, damaged tire(s)

Loose neck

Loose collar

No tension in the brake cable

Brake cable snapped

Brakes improperly adjusted

Kickstand does not sit right

The kickstand is damaged but not broken yet.

Side to side steering is too light

Steering adjustment not tight enough

Rough steering

Steering adjustment too tight

Spin handle

Worn steering bearings

Insufficient tire pressure

Defective tire(s) 

Heavy steering

Insufficient tire pressure

defective tire(s)

Steering adjustment

Slow takeoff

Defective tire(s)

Insufficient tire pressure

Improper brake adjustment

Rotor not centered

Bent rotor

Brake lever pulsating when riding

Noise from rear wheel that changes in proportion to vehicle speed

Handlebars spin 360 degrees

spin handle

Wheel wobbling

Bent rim

Improperly installed wheel

Faulty tire

Insufficient rear tire pressure

Worn wheel bearings

Clicking Noise when riding

Worn wheel bearing

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