First eScoot court case in Ireland

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You might remember first video about eRides seized in Dublin. We also covered it with article. Well eScoot user from that story/video got call for court case. UPDATE: unicycle rider also got call for court. Same court, same date and time.

Similar case was held in March 2011 at Kilkenny District Court where Judge William Harnett simply dismissed case because eScooter/eBike is mechanically assisted and not mechanically propelled and our opinion is that is way it should be. Small electric personal vehicles shouldnt be compared to big bikes and cars and if they cant get from point A to point B without human power/assistance then they shouldnt be considered MPV. eScooter/eBike from Kilrenny case needed human assistance to reach max speed but once it reached it eScooter/eBike would ride on its own until you hit brake.

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TD Shane Ross knows about eScooters and other eRides over a year now but he failed to do anything about it except delaying legalisation on them. In meanwhile we assume over 50 people got their eRides seized. eRide community has big support of citizens, cyclist, politicians but this modern and eco-friendly transport solution still remains illegal. It’s quite sad and disappointing that Ireland has only one politician (TD Noel Rock ) that trully supports modern personal transport.

Recently there was video released showing Pearse Doherty calling out Insurance companies for making up numbers and excuses for riping-off people. They are claiming they have more fraudulent claims than they report and that is reason for high premiums. Profits have jumped by a staggering 1,300pc, despite the country being gripped by an insurance crisis. New figures from the industry show 17 general insurers in this market made combined operating profits of €227m in 2017, the latest date for overall data on the sector. These profits were up from €16m in 2016, according to Insurance Ireland – equal to a rise of 1,318pc.

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In the middle of insurance scandal TD Shane Ross is not worried how much motorists overpayed their insurance premium. He is worried of uninsured eScooters and trying to force eScooters and other eRies to be insured.

There are also some “experts” claiming eScooters and eRides are fast and dangerous. Well if someone claims 20kg eScooter, 100kg to 300kg motorbike and one ton car are same then that person doesn’t know basic physics and it’s sure not expert.

This is first eScoot court case related to small electric kick scooters. Court hearing will be on 21st of October and we will sure be there and keep you informed. Whole eRide community will also give full support and attention to this court case. Feel free to check this article later because we will be updating it with new info.

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