Irish eScoot criminals

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In last few months Garda is chasing eScooters like they are public enemy. We hoped it will stop but seems that isn’t case here. Since nothing is changing we decided to bring you article and explain who are those targeted eScoot criminals?

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As far as we know there were approximately 50 eScooters and eRides seized on Dublin roads in last two months. Driving without tax, licence and insurance is criminal case and people doing it get criminal record. So who are those eScoot criminals? What crime did they actually do? Moreder? Robbery? You might be surprised but answer is NO!

Garda target early morning hours and late afternoon weekday busy hours so majority of people that were stopped is working class. People who were just trying to get to work, do their job and earn money to pay their huge rent, bills and of course tax.

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eScoot criminals were stopped by Gards on demand of Dublin City Council and government while RSA is still doing research and they aren’t in any rush at all. Well, guess what, they are all paid by those same tax payers.

People go to elections to vote and get in charge people to make their life better but they end up paying price at the end. Elections are close so think twice who you will be voting for. Would you get paid if you wouldn’t do your job?

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