Are Gards after your kids ride on toys too?

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Did you know that your kids little ride on toy might be MPV and your kids might be in danger breaking law? Looks like joke but it doesn’t need to be. By the time Gards get rid of eScooters from roads they might start chasing your kids. Well nobody ever thought it will happen to eScooters but its happening. Your kids might need Road Tax, Insurance and driving licence. And since lots of ride on toys go faster than 6km/h they shouldn’t be on sidewalk.

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So if your kids have one make sure you get CoC and contact Revenue to get it taxed and sure call your insurance company to get quote for it. Hope you understand how funny some laws are. On this toy same as on majority of eScooters out there motor is up to 250w and cuts off before it reaches 25km/h. eScooter needs assistance to start but your kids ride on toy doesn’t. eScooters are being seized so might happen with your kids toys when Gards run out of eScooters on roads.

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