Free repairs at eScoot repair centre

From 2020 eScoot repair centre is offering free repairs of your eScooter. Free repairs aren’t available for public. They’re are limited to active community members. Only thing you need is to provide parts but in case you don’t have parts you can get them in repair centre.

How to join community and get free repairs?

That’s quite simple and there are 2 ways. First is joining eRide whatsapp group and second one is joining Electric Scooter Ireland facebook group. All community members that actively join discussions and attend community events will get rewarded with free repairs.

Why are repair limited only for community members

Idea of was to be club and help community grow and repair centre to serve only members anyway but since there are no changes in law and TD Shane Ross is just delaying legalization we decided to contribute growing and uniting community rewarding all proactive members.

Im not community member yet but I need repair. What should I do?

We recommend that you join community as soon as possible. If you need repair you can get it free if you support eRide GoFundMe campaign that was started after first eRide court case ended up with €300 fine and 5 penalty points.

How long will this free service be available?

We will provide free repairs for proactive community members as long as eRides are illegal. Once legalization comes in place repair centre will continue to provide service but might be under different terms. We will keep you informed of any changes.

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