Ultimate eScooter buyer guide.

Quite often we get questions whats best eScooter to buy and where. Answer isn’t that simple but we will try to help you out here to make best decision and avoid getting headache. Whats best eScooter? Well best eScooter is one that has all specs you want and is reliable. Best eScooter sure isn’t cheapest one but that doesn’t mean cheap eScooters are total crap. Cheapest ones usually are.

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Let us explain a bit. Lets say you can get Xiaomi m365 for €300. That’s cheap enough and reliable if you use it proper way but there are fake Xiaomi eScooters that you can get for around €250 and those are cheapest on the market. So even that there is only €50 difference and both are really cheap that €50 is actually big difference in quality. There is one other thing that makes m365 better than most other eScooters on market and that’s Bluetooth and phone connectivity. Thanks to mobile app like m365 tools you can check state of battery on m365 and number of charges whats really important when you’re buying second hand m365.

Before buying you need to know what do you want of your eScooter and whats your budget. Just buying cheapest eScooter is usually mistake and never money saver as we already explained. It’s well known that you can get copy or anything in China and while there are manufacturers that do really quality stuff there are also loads of cheap crap. If you buy €200 eScooter and it dies after few months you didnt get bargain, you just wasted €200. If offer looks too good to be true it probably isn’t true.

Talking about specs let us give you some more advice. Official specs are usually results of lab tests with 50kg load in eco mode so you’ll never get those specs. You’ll probably get 60% of whats listed. Lab test is on flat surface in cruise mode with no wind. You’ll almost never get that in real life.

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Talking about weight there are few things you should know that nobody will tell you especially when you’re buying online. Your weight can be really big factor here. Cheapest eScooters usually have 250w to 350w motor. We quite often see quite big people on tiny eScooters. That’s not good idea. even if frame makes it on bumpy roads your motor and controller will be pushed to their max all the time and might burn on some bigger and steep hill. And if that happens that doesn’t mean eScooter is crap. It just doesn’t have enough power. You wont buy Toyota Yaris for street race or off-road so don’t buy smallest cheapest eScooter to take you on journey from one side of town to another. So if your journey is full of hills you need more power in your eScooter. Also we heard of people buying some models of eScooter because they’re great sellers in other countries. Well just to try and explain it shortly Spain doesn’t have that many rainy days like Ireland right? ” most common repairs in our repair centre are burned controllers and water damage.

So when you decided what you want of your eScooter, mileage, speed, specs etc and your budget time is to check your options and suppliers. Always add a little bit more to your budget and keep it flexible because sometimes for €100 – €200 extra you can get much better specs. For example Xiaomi m365 you can get for approx €300 but pro version you can get for approx €400 so €100 more gets you bigger battery, dashboard display and better motor on newer model of eScooter. For €500 you can get some eScooter with suspension too and a bit bigger speeds. So be flexible and check what you get for your money.

Next step is to check parts market. Whats the use of eScooter if you cant fix it in case something goes wrong? We get offers from suppliers daily and first thing we ask are parts even that we don’t sell eScooters. Loads of time we get response like “We dont sell parts, only eScooters”.

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When you finally find eScooter that fits your budget and your desired specs and you can get spare parts its time to find good seller. There are more and more places to get eScooter today but its not that all of them are reliable. In our repair center we heard so many stories how sellers turned their back to customers when it came to their eScooter became faulty and needed repair. So before you choose where you’ll spend your cash make sure its reliable seller. Best would be to check social media and google reviews and also check website on trustpilot.

Beware of scams. There are loads of websites to get eScooters online and lately more and more scam ads that Google, Facebook and other platform allow without checking. One of the eScooter on article picture ts 3200w dual motor eScooter that you can see in some ads listed for under €100. Just one motor for that eScooter with shipping from China would cost more that €100 so that type of ad is sure scam. Batteries are usually over €100 so don’t fall for scams. Think twice is it possible in any way that offer you see can be manufactured and shipped from China and sold with retailers markup for money you see displayed.

Does this all mean expensive eScooters are good? Actually no. There are some quite expensive brands that are well known not to be reliable and communication with suppliers and manufacturers is almost impossible.

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All this doesn’t apply just for eScooters. If you’re buying any eRide or vehicle. This are rules we follow always and usually we never regretted. If you’re not sure where to get your first eRide and what to get you can always contact us and we will be happy to help. Facebook messenger and WhatsApp links are below in both corners of your browser. Don’t get scammed!

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