Did Garda use Segways illegally?

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Couple of years ago Garda used Segway’s that we could all see on streets and all over newspapers and other media. Now in last video Garda that seized eRide confirms that its impossible to get insurance for them. Does that mean that Garda used Segway’s illegally without road tax or insurance?

Garda Campbell said.

“They’re urban, they’re for pedestrian areas more so than on the streets,”
Garda Campbell said in oct 2012.

eRides and eScooters today aren’t welcome even in cycle lanes.

How is it fair to seize someones eRide for same offence officials did and send someone to court for same reason? Well answers sure have Garda and it would be really nice to share info which insurance company in Ireland gives quotes of segway’s and other eRides and also let us know how to sort out road tax problem. Or maybe they didn’t need insurance and tax because they aren’t MPV and Garda in last video is just misinformed?

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Well answer to those questions is that they weren’t breaking law at all because rules for emergency vehicles are different. By ISB all emergency vehicles don’t fit into road safety rules and don’t need to be taxed or insured. Its quite interesting because they are often driving quite fast and trough red lights. Taxis and company cars pay much higher insurance than average person, drivers with drink diving offences too because they are considered risk drivers, even some insurance companies track how much you drive in order to decide how much you need to pay. So Garda vehicles are bought with tax money and if they cause accident some more tax money will be spend to pay damage because they don’t need insurance.

Some Gards are now chasing eScooters and eRiders but if law comes in place and all eRides require insurance and tax nobody will check that. We are almost sure there is no way Garda will organize checkpoint down the canal or at o’Conell. But until proper law is in place and insurance companies and Revenue are instructed to do their part of the job eRides shouldn’t be seized and eRiders harassed by Gards because seems they were doing same thing just couple of years ago and they should represent law right and stick to it first to be example to others?

Our point here in’t to say you’re doing something wrong. Our point here is just to say let us ride our eRides like you did and free streets of cars. Segways weren’t good to you but our eRides are great to us. We are almost sure that if Garda is still using Segways nobody would have problems and asking questions about eRides and eScooters. Living in big city with lots of cars and noise can cause stress and its sure not so nice like living in smaller nice and quieter town. Well lets make Dublin and all other big cities better place to live together.

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